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WhereScape is proud to be a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner.

What does it mean to be Microsoft Gold-Certified?

A Microsoft Gold-Certified partner means that WhereScape has agreed to collaborate and establish a close working relationship with Microsoft. Having that title means WhereScape has applied itself, and has earned the highest standards of Microsoft's widely recognized partnership program.

Such a status means Microsoft has declared that WhereScape has committed itself to evolving Microsoft technologies for the interests of its customers, as well as its own requirements - delivering increased value to our customers and strengthening the WhereScape business. 

Many WhereScape RED customers utilize Microsoft technology for their data warehouses, and our partnership with Microsoft ensures that we have access to the latest Microsoft technology and development know-how.

WhereScape RED supports Microsoft’s Fast Track Data Warehouse 3.0, which provides reference architectures, technology, and best practices for building data warehouses more quickly, less expensively and at lower risk, using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.

WhereScape RED also supports Microsoft's agile data warehouse development for Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS). Utilizing WhereScape’s data warehouse automation software, WhereScape RED for Microsoft Analytics Platform System requires fewer resources to model, build and deploy a data warehouse or analytic system, creating a simplified infrastructure and dramatically reducing total cost of ownership – saving time, money and reducing risk.