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At WhereScape, we appreciate that your investment in our technology is just the beginning of our relationship. 

Our exceptional post-sale support team are supporting hundreds of customers around the world. This team ensures users reap rewards from our industry-leading Data Automation technologies, long after the initial investment is made. 

We have a number of packages available to meet your needs and this service is always evolving. The latest addition to our Platinum Support package is Migration Protection - this is designed for companies that regularly need to prototype new targets. With this offering, our customers can run two different targets simultaneously. 

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Platinum Support

  Standard Platinum
Case reporting and update access via web-based Customer Portal
Access to our huge knowledge center of FAQs, How-To’s, Best Practices, and Webcasts
Access to all new WhereScape Licensed Product Releases
Product Environment Reviews - A virtual review of WhereScape product configurations and usage, followed up with a written summary of areas of improvement   4
Invitation to quarterly multi-customer roadmap and strategy webinars
Extended trial licenses to IDERA database tools   6-month license
Priority handling of support cases  
Migration Protection (launched in 2022). Test, model, and prototype against two different targets at any given time  
Custom WhereScape Template updates/reviews available per year
Access to complete WhereScape template repository - choose from an ever-growing set of templates covering dozens of different data sources and targets  
Enrollment in self-paced training for RED, 3D, and Data Vault Express  
Access to customized individual roadmap and strategy discussion   4
Membership to WhereScape beta program  
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Technology Solutions Red Red and 3D Red, 3D Red, 3D, Data Vault Express
Targets SQL Server or Azure/SQL 1 1 1
Infrastructure (servers, jobs, objects, data) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Templated Platform-Native Code Generation
Automated Development
Job Creation and Scheduling
Automated Documentation & Data Lineage
Physical Model Design
Logical/Conceptual/Business Model Design
Rule-based Model Design Automation & Validation
Source Data Discovery & Profiling
Target Migration Protection
Product Environment Reviews 4
Custom Templates 8
Data Vault Add-on
Platinum Support Add-on Add-on
Unlimited users and multi-region Available AVAILABLE Available Available

WhereScape FAQs

Find out more about the de facto standard in Data Automation.

For the past 20 years, our sole focus has been on accelerating the time to value of data initiatives. Our mantra has never changed when it comes to Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Data Mart and (since its inception) Data Vault initiatives.

Design. Develop. Deploy. Operate. Fast.

WhereScape RED - Fast-track the development, deployment, and operation of your data infrastructure projects. Dramatically reduce the delivery time, effort, cost, and risk of new projects, and better position projects for future business change.

WhereScape 3D - Quickly and easily plan, model, and design all types of data infrastructure projects. Use sophisticated data discovery and profiling capabilities to bulletproof design and rapid prototyping to collaborate earlier with business users.

WhereScape Data Vault Express - Make Data Vault 2.0 delivery a practical reality by automating the entire life cycle. Speed up initial development time by two-thirds, iterate rapidly, respond quickly to change, and improve maintainability.

Founded 20 years ago, WhereScape launched with a simple mission: To enable our customers to get their data warehouses and data marts, Right. Now. With the right data, at the right granularity, for the right decision-makers - with operational control, extensibility and
performance built-in. 

Since its inception the platform has continued to evolve by applying hundreds of thousands of hours of learning and knowledge gained from projects delivered at customer sites and in response to releases from key technology vendors.

Today, WhereScape is helping thousands of people around the world leverage automation to design, develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure faster by reducing the time-intensive aspects of data infrastructure projects to deliver data warehouses, vaults, lakes, and marts in days or weeks rather than in months or years.

WhereScape is an Idera, Inc. company - one of the largest independent software vendors in the world. Our proven technology is supported by an established organization of post-sales professionals dedicated to ensuring every customer experiences the very best that automation technology can offer today.

WhereScape appreciates that investment in technology is just the beginning. WhereScape provides exceptional post-sale support to hundreds of customers around the world. Our team ensures users reap rewards from our industry-leading Data Automation technologies, long after the initial investment is made.

We have two key packages available: Standard Support and Platinum Support. Both provide what you'd expect from a leading technology vendor: a web-based customer portal, access to a vast library of resources, and multi-customer roadmap/strategy webinars. Our Platinum Support customers also benefit from full access to our comprehensive template repository, access to self-paced training for our products, and Migration Protection. This is designed for companies that regularly need to prototype new targets enabling our customers to run two different targets simultaneously. 

We are the opposite of a black box. Everything we do, every line of code, every procedure, every script, and every template is completely visible and editable. Even the metadata repository is exposed and can be used to validate naming conventions and your development.