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Case Study: Volkswagen

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VGSG) has selected a WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation solution to enable quick and iterative delivery of their Business Intelligence (BI) goals.

The VW group, which has its headquarters in Germany, is the largest car manufacturer in Europe.  It includes both commercial vehicles and consumer vehicles including the ten brands under the VW umbrella; Audi, Skoda, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Seat, Ducati, Man SE, Scania. The group also has a subsidiary group, VGSG that resells their Approved Used VW vehicles.

The Challenge

The challenge for VGSG was being able to rapidly deliver BI solutions in an iterative fashion. Their vision was to be able to change any single component and automatically trigger a cascade of changes for all dependent and affected components. The logical answer to this challenge was to define metadata – in this case, rules – for how these components work and how they depend on and integrate with one another. Then, rather than building components with ETL-Tools, invent a way for metadata to auto generate these components. Specific requirements included:

  • Rapid delivery of BI solutions
  • Efficient data management
  • The end of traditional bottom up BI design approach
  • Ability to continuously improve standards
  • The introduction of a more conceptual, iterative framework

The Solution

The VGSG team assessed multiple Data Warehouse Automation vendors and found that WhereScape were unquestionably the best in the market for their needs. As part of their due diligence, over a 3-day period, WhereScape ran a Proof of Concept for the VGSG team. This was hugely successful and now WhereScape are being used in a number of projects.

The Benefit

Here are a list of success factors that VGSG have themselves written about the WhereScape Data Warehouse Automation solution:

  • In the first project, the ELT import process enabled data to be delivered to the technical warehouse layer 6 times faster.
  • For automation, templates need to be created which ensures standardized scripts are automatically generated, bringing associated benefits.
  • WhereScape application provides better quality documentation without any complex generation.
  • The acceleration and optimization of data management ensures data can be visible to business users at an early stage in order to understand their requirements better.
  • Data quality measures can be considered and the business can become part of better project-orientated consulting services. The quality of the initial creation of specifications increases disproportionately and duplication of work is avoided in the agile development process.
  • The maintenance and change costs decrease - a quick pass/prototype becomes cheaper to produce, in turn positively influencing “Time to Market”. From the business viewpoint, the IT team no longer have to retreat to their quiet zone before results are seen.
  • The scheduling in WhereScape is comfortable and is competitive/similar to other tools.
  • Through the integration of the modeling tools, WhereScape 3D creates data models earlier than previous procedures.
  • The GUI is user-friendly.
  • Injection of own code – templates are possible (automated object generation).
  • Supports agile development methods through iterative development.
  • Active forum (with support and discussions).
  • Possibility to adapt generated code – flexibility in development.
  • Simplification of customer acquisitions.
  • Faster feedback cycles with customers.
  • Rapid prototyping ensures business requirements are quickly implemented and operational at an earlier stage.
  • Consistent approach enables quicker and iterative creation of required solutions.
  • Significant reduction of “Time to Value” for business.
  • Reducing project risk.
  • Projects cost reduction compared to former approach, where an agile development was not consistently implemented.
  • Code generation on basis of metadata.