Creating a Successful Data Fabric for Your Enterprise

What is Data Fabric?

The idea of a “Data Fabric” started in the early 2010s. Forrester first used the term in their published research in 2013. Since then, many papers, vendors, and analyst firms have adopted the term. The goal was to create an architecture that encompassed all forms of analytical data for any type of analysis with seamless accessibility and shareability by all those with a need for it.

How does WhereScape contribute to Data Fabric?

Data Integration is a key factor in the creation of the first repository of analytical data (the EDW), which performs the heavy lifting of extracting the data from its sources, transforming it into the single version of the data that is then loaded into the data warehouse.

This ETL or ELT process is what creates the trusted data used in many production reports and analytics. A best practice here is to automate as much of this process as you can - from curation to design and deployment of the EDW providing complete documentation immediately.

And, as a leading provider of Data Integration and Data Warehouse Automation, this is where WhereScape contributes to Data Fabric initiatives generally, whilst also being a component element of the IDERA Data Fabric.

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