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3D Release Notes

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Key Fix Version/s Release Note
BLUE-1012 Sample data would fail when collecting from a MS SQL ODBC connection
BLUE-1964 Generating documentation would halt with a connection selected
BLUE-1753 The entity type 'Normalized' has been renamed to 'EDW 3NF'
BLUE-2036 The 'Add source mappings' wizard would fail to continue when "Next" was clicked after setting the parameters.
BLUE-2019 The entity object property field has been removed in favor of a View entity type.
BLUE-1965 Executing a query on an ODBC connection were ran twice
BLUE-1809 The model conversion rule 'Add relationship' has been added.
BLUE-1808 The model conversion rule 'Delete data transformations' has been added.
BLUE-1650 Allow the option to copy data transformations during the 'Copy entity' model conversion rule
BLUE-1649 Allow the option for how to handle source mappings during the 'Copy entity' model conversion rule
Listing 1 to 10 of 558