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3D Release Notes

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Key Fix Version/s Release Note
BLUE-1477 Added an option to "Delete profiling results" for models and entities
BLUE-1557 The category 'Teradata source' has been removed. Use the 'Source' category with 'Charset' enabled on attributes
BLUE-1684 Aligned the Teradata data type mappings to conform for TPT loads
BLUE-2052 The export to RED process will prompt for input on the basis of potentially invalid data types for dss columns for Teradata
BLUE-2044 Upgrading a repository with an entity type named 'View' would cause the repository upgrade to fail.
BLUE-1752 The generated Word documentation can now have a custom style.
BLUE-1751 Extended the hotkeys F2 and Delete to connections in the tree.
BLUE-1749 Models could disappear from the tree in a remote repository.
BLUE-1747 Applying 'Populate entity queries' to a group would fail.
BLUE-1746 Model conversions renaming labels incorrectly applied entity casing to the labels.
Listing 1 to 10 of 575