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Key Fix Version/s Release Note
BLUE-1900 Testing a data transformation for Teradata no longer fails when duplicate column names exist.
BLUE-1891 The 'SQL Server to Oracle' data type mapping for datetime breaks loading in RED.
BLUE-1795 The graph in the effort calculation dialog has been corrected and no longer displays incorrect values.
BLUE-1719 A color column has been added to entity/attribute/relationship types tables.
BLUE-1712 Track back/forward lineage diagrams have been added for source connections, versions, groups, schemas and columns.
BLUE-1502 The PK/FK status of a column is now displayed in the column properties of a table.
BLUE-1148 When viewing column properties, the source action that caused the column to be created is now displayed in the dialog.
BLUE-1941 Added the ability to export/import user defined discovery/profiling methods.
BLUE-1918 Improved the synchronization of RED object types.
BLUE-1737 The model conversion rule 'Copy entity' would not apply all entity types in certain situations.
Listing 1 to 10 of 536