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3D Release Notes

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Key Fix Version/s Release Note
BLUE-1886 Beta Advanced copying a model with versions to a category with no versions with steps would fail
BLUE-1881 Beta Improved the rename entity and attribute model conversion rules to allow renaming based off it's source mappings
BLUE-1879 Beta Added the Data Vault entity types to the RED design category
BLUE-1878 Beta The remap source mappings wizard did not properly assign a source mapping for a manually chosen column
BLUE-1842 Beta The profiling metric 'Space used in MB' did not work with an ODBC connection
BLUE-1788 Beta Allow displaying a lineage diagram for source versions and columns of a table
BLUE-1711 Beta Improved importing a 3D export that contains source mappings
BLUE-1642 Beta The 'Generate Load and Stage tables' transformation will rename load table columns to match their source column name
BLUE-1621 Beta Added 'Table query' to the discovery method manager
BLUE-1615 Beta Added handling of varchar(max) in a WhereScape discovery method
Listing 1 to 10 of 520