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Key Fix Version/s Database Release Note
RED-6268 Beta Teradata Support for Table locks on source tables of Teradata generated procedures for selected object types.
RED-6890 Beta Common Change to the Filter display on browser pane to make it explicit that is a name only filter. Also removed dependent on source type applicability.
RED-6904 Beta Common The Backup/Save Create Scripts to Disk functionality has been modified with the following improvements: - Generation of Teradata scripts now have the option to provide source table.column comments (previously only present for non-Teradata) - Generation of Teradata create table/view scripts now include create index statements (previously only present for non-Teradata) - Generation of Sequence Create DDL is now also generated for relevant objects in Netezza
RED-6763 Beta Common Projects no longer show object types with no associated objects in Object Browser Pane. This can be changed via individual project property settings. Project context menu now has a 'refresh' option to only refresh the selected Project.
RED-6742 Beta Common Added data vault object types Hub/Link/Satellite as new object types. Added new object types Custom1 and Custom2 to enable customers using own object types without occupying an existing one.
RED-6832 Common The tables being created during importation, and their columns, will have their names passed through the same validity checks that WhereScape RED uses when drag/dropping to create a table. The source tables of these tables and columns, as listed in the XML file, will not have encapsulation identifiers added i.e. [ ] or " ".
RED-6919 Common Correctly handling more than 1000 ODBC DSNs being retrieved from a user's local system.
RED-6704 Common Business key is now retained when dragging and dropping from tables within the datawarehouse
RED-6611 Oracle Native ODBC loads to Oracle now support inclusion of Options clause for SQLLoader call. An example being OPTIONS(DIRECT=TRUE)
RED-6555 Teradata Some Teradata procedure generation has change to move 'zero key' row insert to be last step in process order to improve initial load performance.
Listing 1 to 10 of 437