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Key Fix Version/s Database Release Note
RED-5624 Beta Common Fixed issue with scheduler log reporting the last parent job as failure reason of a child job; now reporting the first failed parent job as failure reason.
RED-7122 Beta Common Setup Administrator will fallback to its normal, dialog based, operating mode if it cannot access or read the parameter file supplied on the command line.
RED-7162 Beta Teradata Application loads of view alias objects which use database or schema storage attributes will now load successfully.
RED-6199 SQLServer, DB2, Oracle, Teradata A change to how Export Object's enclose-by character was saved into metadata if set to double quote character was introduced in release -- it was no longer saved as a single character but instead it was preceded with escape (backslash) character. This change has now been reverted and all export code (file/script, interactive/scheduler) has been modified to support this. Note that this is potentially a breaking change -- in order to force RED to update your Export Objects' meta you may need to open and resave preferences for all your Export objects that use double quote character as an enclosing character. This change also includes fixes for handling of single quote and backslash characters when used as enclosing characters for Export Objects. However, with single quote and backslash characters there have been no changes to meta and no action is required to update Export Objects using single quote or backslash characters as enclosing characters. SQL Server only: enclosing characters have previously not been added when column type was 'nchar' or 'nvarchar'. This issue is now resolved. Scheduler fix requires stored procedures to be updated.
RED-4788 Common Table column names will have invalid/unsupported characters removed.
RED-4612 Common Added logic to prevent an associated procedure or script from being deleted if it is either checked out by another user or if there exists another object with the same associated procedure or script. Added logic to prevent Save or Compile in the procedure or script edit window if the procedure or script becomes checked out by another user after the edit window was opened or it the procedure or script is deleted after the edit window was opened.
RED-4583 SQLServer, DB2, Oracle, Teradata Fixed the spelling of Running (which was incorrectly spelt as Runnning) in the selected output of the ws_admin_v_sched view.
RED-2345 Teradata Fix the sequence number passed into load scripts and export scripts to be the assigned job sequence number (when inside the Scheduler) or assigned from the same range of available job sequence numbers (when inside RED).
RED-5672 PDW Added newly supported distribution method "Round_Robin" for PDW AU4.
RED-5666 SQLServer, Netezza When importing an application with Setup Administrator the user will be shown a dialog box with which they can use to select/create a target connection. The tables being imported will be created at the target connection selected/created using the dialog box.
Listing 1 to 10 of 490