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Key Fix Version/s Database Release Note
RED-7676 Teradata Fix for blocking on scheduler tasks caused by an all-rows scan on ws_zt_wrk_task_run.
RED-7592 Common When execute a SQLBLOCK directly via the UI or procedure editor the execution now correctly uses the default connection associated with that block for execution.
RED-7596 Common Added meta validate/repair for orphaned columns.
RED-7571 Common Corrected meta validate to repair metadata when identity orphaned join index objects.
RED-7567 Teradata Join Index create now correctly substitute [TABLEOWNER] tokens.
RED-7569 Teradata Implemented MERGE INTO functionality instead of UPDATE with MINUS functionality for Teradata history update procedures in the logic that updates expiring rows.
RED-7566 Common Usage report added to context menu for template objects.
RED-7550 Common Fact Cross reference report now has context menu option to link to the star schema design for the fact of the column where the context menu is initiated.
RED-7530 Teradata Fixed issue with encapsulation of variables in Teradata Linux/Unix scheduler
RED-7528 Teradata Fixed issue with number of Amps exceeding a value of 999.
Listing 1 to 10 of 551