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Key Fix Version/s Database Release Note
RED-6610 Teradata It is now possible to execute Teradata BTEQ update procedure from Procedure Editor, via object's pop-up menu ("Execute Update Procedure" option) and as a scheduler task.
RED-7116 Common Images in Column Track Reports improved.
RED-7313 Common The Template author can now be edited and saved in the properties dialog.
RED-7100 Common 3D to RED export datatype and column ordering are no longer overwritten during loading.
RED-6957 Common Removed limit for 20,000 objects in documentation generation.
RED-6982 Common Setup Administrator will not import applications that have been exported as XML from old versions of WhereScape 3D. The applications will need to be re-exported from WhereScape 3D version 2.8 or later as the XML file structure has changed.
RED-7501 Common DSS Change columns (Version, Start, End) can now be removed.
RED-7596 Not fully assessed Added meta validate/repair for orphaned columns.
RED-3560 Teradata On setting of an active Primary Index on Teradata, the appropriate default collect statistics clause (COLLECT STATISTICS $OBJECT$ INDEX index_name) is also appended to the statistics definition.
RED-6814 Common Changed BDA to respect first line breaks coming from the application output, and then to break lines with more than 256 characters while writing into audit log.
Listing 1 to 10 of 530